How to Immediately Upgrade Your Property

5 benefits of adding skylights to your home in Wichita, Kansas

Did you know that one simple addition can immediately improve your home in a variety of ways? That’s right. You can enhance the efficiency, ambiance and safety of your home just by installing skylights. Choosing Colossal Roofing and Construction, LLC to add skylights to your Wichita, Kansas home:

1. Increases natural light throughout your home
2. Reduces power bills and energy dependency
3. Promotes feelings of wellness and happiness
4. Reduces mold and mildew growth in bathrooms
5. Improves lighting without sacrificing privacy

Who wouldn’t want a safer, brighter and more energy-efficient home?

Don’t wait. Contact us today and see how easy it is to upgrade.

5 reasons to install skylights in your Wichita, KS commercial property

It’s not just your home that can benefit from the addition of skylights. You can improve the efficiency, profitability and appeal of your commercial property, too.

Here are five reasons to let us install skylights at your property:

1. Reduced operating costs lead to improved profit margins
2. Natural lighting creates a safe and welcoming environment
3. Happier customers and tenants will come back to your business time and time again
4. Your business will see improved morale, attendance and workplace productivity
5. You won’t have to spend money treating mold and mildew

Reach out to us today to discuss the specifics of your commercial roofing project.

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