Apply a Roof Coating to Your Commercial Building Today

Apply a Roof Coating to Your Commercial Building Today

Contact a Roofing Contractor in Wichita, KS to have a quality roof for your business

Coating systems, whether commercial roofs or wall applications, offer a cost effective option to maintain an existing asset when applicable. In an economy such as this, coatings can protect and extend the life of your commercial roof system. Colossal Roofing & Construction has the capability and manpower to install a quality coating system for your business in Wichita, KS today.

How Can Roof Coatings Benefit You?

No Leaks

  • Commercial roof coatings almost completely eliminate leaks from your roof. You may still have a leak now and then, but they are so rare and so easy to fix you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a commercial roof coating.

  • Again, we already covered this quickly. Commercial roof coatings are almost always reflective, keeping the sun’s rays out of your building which keeps your building cooler. This saves you money and keeps your workers happy.

Easy Installation
  • Whether you’re a contractor looking to add commercial roof coatings to your repertoire, or a building owner who wants to stop leaks, the easy installation can benefit you. Contractors will save time, money and headaches, while building owners can get their new roof quicker for less money and without exposing the interior of their building to the elements.