Flat Roofs are our Specialty

Flat Roofs take abuse and can require maintenance. Flat roofs do not readily shed water. Colossal Roofing is very experienced in flat roof replacement and repair.

Our commercial roofing installers provide installation, repair, and inspection services for flat roofs. There are different roofing systems for flat roofs with each of them having pros and cons. Let Colossal Roofing inspect your roof on your commercial building and offer you the best solution for your needs.

The different types of flat roofs that Colossal Roofing works on are:

  1. Modified Bitumen - Factory applied mineral surfacing that provides great elasticity and flexibility at low temperatures.  It is very durable with very low maintenance.
  2. Single Ply Roofing (TPO, EPDM, and PVC) - Lightweight waterproof encasement for your entire roof.  Repairs are simple and inexpensive.


Flat roofing is a different animal. With extremely low slopes (between 1/4" to 1/2" per foot if constructed properly), flat roofs do not readily shed water. These flat roofs are designed as a monolithic roof surface and need to be able to handle some limited time of standing water.

Have your roof be installed by a professional contractor who knows how to properly install the roof.  Colossal Roofing is your go-to source for all your roofing needs!  Our experience and customer service is unmatched in the industry!





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